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  1. Alicja says

    5 stars
    Loved it! Fun to make when you have some time and looking for a mindful way to spend your time and wind down 😉

    Also would make a great dish for kids – to encourage them to eat more veggies!

    • Anthea says

      So glad to hear!!! And definitely a mindful activity. I’ll definitely be serving it to kids next time :). Thanks for your lovely comment!

  2. Anne says

    What are the measurements of your casserole dish? The beetroot ingredients seem like a very small amount for the layer I see pictured in your assembly lasagna. Wondering if your dish is small or a square?
    Thanks!!! Prepping all my ingredients for this right now for assembly tomorrow!!!

    • Anthea says

      I used a 28x15cm rectangular casserole dish so one beetroot + onion was enough to cover it. And I added some water which makes it look more bulky. Hope that helps!

  3. Angela says

    5 stars
    This is so pretty Anthea – like all your recipes. I look forward to making it when the the weather cools down so I can put the oven on.
    Many years ago (pre vegan) I had this amazing rainbow vegetable slice at a cafe when I was on holiday. I’ve never been able to replicate it (I’m not very creative in the kitchen. I’d rather be in the garden : ) ). Your recipe for the lasagne is gorgeous but any chance you can create this slice without the pasta? A challenge if you will. I know that you’re clever enough : ) I’m not.

    • Anthea says

      Thanks so much for your ongoing support and kindness Angela! You could try replacing the lasagna sheets with thinly sliced zucchini – leave it uncooked when you layer it and it’ll bake it in the oven! I haven’t tried it for this recipe but I served a pasta-free lasagna at a pop-up dinner last year and it was a huge success!

  4. Lesley Reade says

    This looks amazing and I am looking forward to making it for a pot luck. Just one question…did you cook your lasagna before placing it in the casserole? Also, can this be premade and then cooked on the day you want to eat it? Like can I make it the night before?

    • Anthea says

      Thank you! I didn’t have to cook my lasagna sheets before placing it – the liquid from all the veggies and heat cooks it! And yes it can be premade and cooked the day you want to eat it – if the lasagna looks ‘dried out’ by the time you want to cook it, just pour some water in the corners 🙂

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